Abacus Day Nursery - Toddlers


Within the Toddler (aka "Rainbows") room we have dedicated staff, they are dedicated to making sure that your child is safe, secure and is able to learn.

Rainbows adds a little more routine to your child’s day but not as structured as the older children’s room as some children in Rainbows still stick to their own home routines. Children are encouraged to learn manors and are rewarded with stickers, treats and other rewards. They are encouraged to make friends with both children and staff and feel safe and secure.

Negative behaviour is dealt with in a calm nature and any physical harm is not tolerated and a time out will be given (1 minute for every year of the child’s age) any other negative behaviour will be treated with two warnings and then a time out if the behaviour consists.

We encourage that your child feels safe and secure during their day with us and to back that up each child has a draw to put their personal belongings in where they are safe. We do not encourage children to bring in toys as there is a risk of them getting lost during the activities, we also have plenty to keep them busy!

We accept that children of the age 2 years -3 years still like to sleep in the day and they are offered a sleep on low ready beds so if they need a comforter such as a blanket, teddy or dummy then they will be kept in the child’s drawer to stay safe.

Is your child developing and how?

Your child’s development is our main focus and each child develops at their own pace and will not be rushed. We have parent pages in each of the child’s folders so please do support us and bring in any pictures, stories of your holidays, weekends or any event within your lives, everything helps to judge where your child is in their development.

Your child’s profile is completed every 12 weeks to review where your child is at, these are available for parents to view at any time.

What is your child doing all day?

Please find the board in the main office which will display the planned activities that your child has been involved in each day and also the abacus menu (4 weeks). We will display the snack and meals for each day there too for all to see.

IS IT always so busy?

If your child does not sleep after lunch then they are invited to read a book or do a quiet activity at the table and relax and stay calm.

Outdoor play is fun!!

We offer outdoor play time in a few different forms.

We choose on a daily basis what we are going to do with help from the children we choose from the following.

  • Bikes and cars in the back play area
  • Ball games
  • Outdoor role play and imaginative play
  • Trip to the park
  • Trips and walks around the local town (library, shops etc)
  • Parents will be informed beforehand of any trips outside the building.

We ask that in the colder months each parent supplies their child with suitable footwear, warm coat, hat and gloves.

In the hotter weathers we ask for sun hats, suitable clothing and sunglasses to be sent in with your child.

Time to ditch the nappy?

Within the rainbows room we each support you and your child to become toilet trained, we ask that you supply us with a bag of pants, trousers and socks (at least 5 pairs of each) in the event of an accident. Your child will not be told off for having an accident and staff are sympathetic to that it is hard for your child to make this change.

If while training your child does have an accident then the wet clothes will be put in a nappy bag and sent home for parents to wash so please check your child’s peg or bag daily and keep their spare clothes bag filled up.

Be bug free!!

Head lice are very common within nurseries. The nursery and staff cannot do anything to stop or prevent this from happening. It is up to parents to make sure that they are checking the child’s head for head lice. We advise that your child’s hair is combed through regularly (bath time?) Head lice can be very stressful for a child especially at the age of 3-5 as it can be embarrassing and all it takes is conditioner and a good close comb. We advise that all children with long hair wear their hair tied back in a bobble (staff members will re do if it becomes loose)

Do you know everything you need to know?

In the office there is a file full of policies, we encourage that parents and carers read through them and if you have any comments, queries or suggestions please feel free to drop them in the red box in the office.

Want a meeting?

If for any reason you think you need to meet and talk to your child’s key person about your child’s development, any queries about the room etc please speak to the relevant member of staff and they will be sure to arrange a time and day that is best for you to discuss any issues.

Additional information